jueves, 27 de abril de 2017

Homenaje a Joseph Cornell... (Japón)

"El circo de la mosca gigante"
Collage/caja para la convocatoria de Nichola Orlick en 
Homenaje a Joseph Cornell.
 Fondo de papel periódico sobre misionero

 Figuritas de un libro de lectura antiguo, hilo, tinta y recortes.

Pequeña charla con Nichola:

Marcela Peral My work is for you! I'll wait your envelope!
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· Responder · 31 de julio a las 15:11
Nichola Orlick
Nichola Orlick Thank you, Marcela, I heard many times gallery visitors shouting 'Kawaii' in front of your work. Kawaii is the strongest word in Japan, which originally means 'cute' and 'pretty', as you might know. I will post all today and wonder if they will reach you in two weeks.

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